Examining The Application Of Electronic Keypad Locks Across Various Door Types

Hornbill M1-BB bluetooth locks
Hornbill M1-BB bluetooth locks

As technology unfolds new realms of convenience and security, keypad door locks are fast becoming a popular choice for secure access. Yet one question that often comes up when considering an upgrade to these modern locking systems is: “Are keypad door locks suitable for all door types?” This article aims to address these doubts and provide clarity on the versatility of keypad door locks.

Understanding Keypad Door Locks and Door Compatibility

Keypad entry gate, also known as digital or electronic locks, are equipped with a numbered keypad. To gain access, a correct numeric code must be entered. While their functionality and benefits are undoubtedly impressive, their compatibility depends largely on the dimensions and material of the door on which they will be installed.

Suitability Based on Door Material

Wood Doors:

The most common type of doors, wood doors, are generally compatible with keypad locks. The main consideration would be the door’s thickness, which should align with the lock’s specifications.

Metal Doors:

Aluminum and steel doors are often found in commercial settings. Though they generally work well with keypad locks, professional installation might be necessary due to the hardness of metal compared to wood.

Glass Doors:

Keypad locks are less frequently used with glass doors due to the door’s transparency and fragility. However, specific bluetooth keypad door lock designed for glass doors are available in the market.

Fiberglass Doors:

These doors are commonly used in modern homes due to their durability and insulating properties. Fiberglass doors are compatible with most keypad locks.

Suitability Based on Door Type

External Doors:

Keypad door locks are often used for front doors, back doors, and other external doors. They offer considerable security and convenience for easy access without the need for keys.

Internal Doors:

For rooms that require heightened security, like offices or storerooms, keypad door locks offer an ideal solution.

Sliding Doors:

While traditional keypad locks may not be applicable, there are specialized variants available in the market specifically designed for sliding doors.