How Deadbolt Keypad Door Lock Work

Hornbill A5-SBFKNT-H electronic deadbolt with keypad
Hornbill A5-SBFKNT-H electronic deadbolt with keypad

The advancements in technology have paved the way for increasing security measures within our homes and offices. Among these contemporary advancements, smart deadbolt locks have been a revolutionary invention. Essentially, these locks utilize smart technology to provide enhanced security solutions. This article aims to explain how these smart deadbolt locks work.

Understanding Smart Deadbolt Locks

A keypad door lock with deadbolt is a high-security electronic device built with an added level of sophistication beyond a traditional bolt lock. It’s designed to increase the security of your dwelling by incorporating smart technology into its mechanics.

Keyless Entry:

The defining trait that sets the smart deadbolt apart is the keyless entry, which eliminates the need for traditional keys. Instead, authorized users can unlock the door using a unique digital code that is entered on a numerical keypad, a smart device, or a touch-screen panel.


Most smart deadbolts have WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to lock and unlock your door remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. best deadbolt door lock are compatible with a home automation system, enabling you to manage your lock along with other connected devices.


Unlike regular locks, smart deadbolts let you grant access to others without a physical key. You can create temporary digital keys for guests or service providers, schedule access using a specific code, or revoke access when necessary.

Alert Notifications:

Another useful feature of smart deadbolt locks is the ability to send realtime notifications whenever your door is locked or unlocked. They can even alert you when someone attempts to tamper with the lock.

Auto-lock Feature:

Digital door lock with deadbolt also have an auto-lock feature, which automatically secures the door if left unlocked for a certain period.

Batteries and Backup:

Smart locks are typically powered by batteries, ensuring operation even during power outages. Some also have a keyhole as a backup entry way in case the batteries die or the electronics fail.

Hornbill Smart deadbolt locks are an innovative blend of security and convenience. They provide users with peace of mind, knowing that their homes or offices are secure. However, understanding how these devices work is vital before switching to such advanced technology for home security. Opting for professional installation might be a smart move to ensure optimum performance. As with all technology, it is important to weigh the potential benefits against the costs, including possible vulnerability to hacking or electronic failures.

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