The Evolution Of Door Security- Electronic Door Knob

Hornbill A5-SBFKNT-H fingerprint keypad deadbolt
Hornbill A5-SBFKNT-H fingerprint keypad deadbolt

In this era of interconnected technology, even household items like door knobs have been given a digital upgrade. An electronic door knob delivers tremendous convenience, all while heightening home security. This article delves into the essence of electronic door knobs, their benefits, and some popular models on the market.

Understanding Electronic Door Knobs

An electronic door knob is a door hardware that incorporates an electronic drop bolt allowing the door to unlock without a conventional key. Through pin codes, fingerprint scanners, or smartphone apps, these door knobs offer a seamless entry and exit solution thereby modernising home security.

Advantages of Electronic Door Knobs

Improved Security:

These door knobs present a higher level of security compared to traditional locks as they are almost impossible to pick and have built-in alarm systems in case of a security breach.


No more pesky lost keys or lockouts; just remember your passcode or have your phone handy, and you’re in!

Visitor Management:

These locks allow you to provide temporary access to visitors. Via your smartphone, create temporary access codes and revoke them when necessary.

Key Features to Consider

User Capacity:

Look for a knob that can store multiple user codes if more than a couple of individuals need access.

Battery Alerts:

A low battery alert ensures the lock doesn’t die on you unexpectedly.

Weather Resistance:

Given its electronic nature, look for a model that can withstand differing weather conditions to avoid malfunction.

Hornbill A5-SBFKNT-H Keypad Electronic Deadbolt Lock
Hornbill A5-SBFKNT-H Keypad Electronic Deadbolt Lock

Noteworthy Models

Offering robust security and innovative features, Hornbill Smart Lock makes life easier and homes safer.

Honeywell 8712109 electronic entry door locks:

The sleek design combined with the capacity to store up to 50 different user codes makes it a popular choice.

Kwikset 99070-103 Powerbolt 2 Door Lock:

This affordable model features a backlit keypad for added convenience during night-time use.

In conclusion, the introduction of electronic door knobs has transformed our perspective on door hardware. Balancing advanced technology with the crucial need for security, these digital locks boast of a sleek design and convenient operation—truly a beautiful blend of aesthetics, convenience, and security. Choosing a digitally-equipped door knob for your home could be the next step in your journey towards a smart, secure living environment.

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