Which Shape Of Entry Door Lever Set Is More Suitable For Traditional Door Designs

hornbill M1-BB double-entry door lock set
hornbill M1-BB double-entry door lock set

When integrating smart lock technology into traditional door designs, certain factors like the shape and size of the smart lock become extremely important. Selecting the right smart lock shape can contribute not only to the aesthetic appeal but also to the overall functionality of the double-entry door lock set. Here’s some insight on what to consider:

Circular and Compact Smart Locks

Circular shapes are common and blend seamlessly into traditional door designs. Their understated and minimalist appearance helps them blend with any door style. Moreover, compact size, usually associated with inner-deadbolt replacement locks, helps ensure they do not look oversized or out of place on a standard door.

Rectangular and Slim Smart Locks

Another shape that works well with traditional door designs is a slim, rectangular smart lock. These locks can often be installed over existing deadbolts which can make them more suitable for doors with intricate designs that the homeowner doesn’t want to modify extensively.

Keyless Pads

Keyless pads come in various shapes, often square or rectangular, and are a universally appealing design that suits most traditional doors. Their primary appeal lays in their simple and intuitive interface, typically featuring backlit numbers for easy visibility.

Weather-Resistant Shapes

For traditional external doors, touchless keyless entry with a weather-resistant design are ideal. These locks are often tightly sealed with no crevices where water can seep in, and they usually have a slightly curved or slanted shape to prevent water accumulation.

While the shape of the digital keyless entry plays a significant role, other aspects, such as the colour and finish of the smart lock, should also be considered to ensure it complements the door’s aesthetics.

In conclusion, the type of smart lock that will best suit a traditional door design is subject to the specific style and design of the door. Both circular and compact, and rectangular and slim smart locks, have proven to be versatile shapes that complement traditional designs while providing the convenience and security of the latest technology. Remember, the correlation between the aesthetic design and practical functionality is crucial when choosing a smart lock for a traditional door.

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