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A4-SBF Hornbill Versatile Smart Lock
A4-SBF Hornbill Versatile Smart Lock

Best biometric door lock have become an essential aspect of home and corporate security. In addition to offering advanced protection, these locks create an impression about the overall decor. For those looking for something truly unique, there are companies specializing in creating bespoke locks customized to your desired specifications. Below are some of the custom shapes in smart door locks that can add a dash of uniqueness to your property:

Diamond Shaped Smart Locks

For those who desire a touch of class and elegance, a diamond-shaped smart lock could be an eye-catching accessory. The face of the biometric door entry system could be studded for a literal diamond look or be shaped like a diamond for an innovative appeal.

Hexagonal Shaped Smart Locks

A hexagonal smart lock can add a geometric and modern appeal to your property. This shape helps to create an interesting visual element while maintaining a sense of balance and symmetry.

Abstract Shaped Smart Locks

For properties with a contemporary or artistic decor, the opportunity for creating an abstract shaped smart lock might be appealing. These biometric keyless entry are unconventional by design and therefore make a strong visual statement.

Octagonal Shaped Smart Locks

An octagonal smart lock merges the traditional with the modern. With eight sides, it stands out against conventional locks and can become a small statement piece on your property.

Heart Shaped Smart Locks

For properties that cater to a romantic or whimsical aesthetic like boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts, a heart shaped smart lock might add a lovely touch. It provides a sweet sense of uniqueness and personalization.

Character or Animal Shaped Smart Locks

These types of locks can be custom-made into the shape of a specific character, symbol, or even an animal. They can fit well with themed decor and can certainly be an interesting talking point for guests.

Customized to Your Logo

Some companies even offer the option to shape your door lock after your business logo or other personally significant shapes, adding a touch of branding or personalization to your decor.

In conclusion, biometric door lock for offices allow hoteliers to truly stand out from the crowd and provide a unique experience to their guests. While the functionality and security aspects remain paramount, these unique shapes can certainly enhance the aesthetic appeal and make a lasting impression on guests. Before making a choice, make sure to consider your overall decor style, brand image, and the statement you want your property to make.

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