Hornbill Doors Smart Lock Meet Innovation The Rise Of Smart Lock Technology

Hornbill M1-BB Keyless Entry Door Lock With App
Hornbill M1-BB Keyless Entry Door Lock With App

The New Wave in Home Security

The advent of smart technology has brought a significant evolution in home security systems. The traditional Hornbill door, known for its sturdy and robust characteristics, has been reinvented with the integration of smart locks.

What are Smart Locks?

Smart locks are advanced locking systems that offer more security and convenience than traditional locks. Equipped with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, these locks allow homeowners to control access to their property remotely.

Smart Lock Options for Hornbill Doors

Several brands offer efficient smart lock systems for Hornbill doors.

Lockey's "2900 Narrow Stile Pushbutton Throwbolt Lock"

This lock is known for its durable Satin Chrome Marine Grade finish. Priced at $201.08, this electronic gate lock has received positive reviews for its performance.

Yale's "Assure Lock 2 Keypad with Bluetooth"

This stainless Hornbill entry door lock set option is both a Keyed Entry and a Deadbolt Bluetooth Smart Lock, priced at $159.99. Despite its moderate rating, its sleek Black Suede finish makes it a contender in the market.

Baldwin 85393.ZWLENT Minneapolis Z-Wave Left Handed Sectional Electronic Keyless Entry Handleset with 5162 Interior Lever from the Estate Collection

This luxurious smart lock is priced at a steep $711.75, but it promises high-quality performance and aesthetics.

Schlage's "FE595-PLY-LAT Keypad Entry Lock with Flex Lock with Lattitude Lever"

Priced at $136.20, it’s more affordable for budget-conscious consumers.

The Convenience of Smart Locks

Door smart locks for home for Hornbill doors take home security to another level. They allow homeowners to grant access temporarily to guests, service staff, or relatives using temporary passcodes or digital keys. The ability to track who comes and goes increases peace of mind significantly.


Smart locks for Hornbill doors mark a pivotal point in security technology. These locks not only fortify your home but also provide unprecedented convenience. As we move towards a smarter future, the investment in such advanced door locks becomes essential to usher in an era of reinforced residential security.

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