The Necessity Of Best Digital Door Lock For A Pet-Owning Household

hornbill m1-bb Best Digital Door Lock
hornbill m1-bb Best Digital Door Lock

Family is paramount to us all. Our pets, who often serve as more than just guardian figures for our properties, are, in fact, cherished family members. With our family’s safety as a priority, ensuring a secure household with the assistance of the finest digital door lock is indispensable. A digital lock, such as the ones provided by Philips in Singapore, safeguards your home for you and your family.

This article will explore the crucial role a digital door lock plays when you have pets at home, underscoring the importance of home security and providing safety advice.

Safety Tips for Pet Owners to Consider When They Are Away

Guard your pet from intruders and theft

While we recognize the importance of security measures like digital door lock system, security lighting, door braces, and family security plans in protecting our loved ones, most homeowners neglect to implement adequate safeguards to deter potential threats to their pets.

As pet owners, we bear the responsibility for our pets’ safety. Strategic planning and execution of preventive measures are the most effective lines of defense against any potential harm to your pet.


Investing in a digital pad lock is a robust step towards achieving optimal home security, ensuring remarkable protection from potential criminals and burglars in our absence.

Prevent your pet from running away

Pets often enjoy frolicking, chasing and playing in the front and backyard. While these activities are enjoyable, they also pose potential dangers. By implementing the most reliable security systems, you can prevent your pet from inadvertently escaping. Home security systems are ideal, especially when you’re out or working from home and need assurance that your pet is safe.

For homes with pets, features such as child or pet-resistant safety buttons can prevent your pets from easily opening the door.

Integrate Home Automation with your outdoor digital lock

Home automation is a game changer. Smart home technology links numerous domestic appliances and electronics to apps that allow for automated and remote control.

Each device is sensor-enabled and WiFi-connected, allowing you to manage your house from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, irrespective of your location. From adjusting the lighting and temperature to locking your front door, the possibilities are vast.

Elevate Your Household with Digital Door Locks

Still contemplating a digital door lock? Not only do these locks simplify your life, they also offer an added level of protection to your home. For tech-savvy individuals or those longing for a simpler lifestyle, these digital locks serve you, your pets, and your family.

Digital doors and intelligent locks are trending in Singapore and globally, given our increasing reliance on smart devices. A smart or digital door lock is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your pets at home. These locks offer an elegant, intelligent solution for a smoother everyday routine.


Should a digital door lock be mandatory in a pet-friendly household? If pets are considered as more than just furry companions, the answer is a resounding yes. As they form an integral part of our families, pets are just as susceptible to risks during a potential home invasion. By incorporating the safety of your pets in your home security plan, you ensure the protection of your entire family.

Our tamper alarm-equipped digital locks further enhance your home security experience, offering features like keypad security lockout, scramble code, and an auto-lock system for your peace of mind.

For those interested in further bolstering their security, we recommend our article ‘RFID Door Lock: Best Digital Locks for a Secure Home and Office.’

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